Started playing  guitar to be like Hank Marvin many moons ago then along came the Beatles & the Stones .  Influenced by Bob Dylan and folk /acoustic music in general or indeed any song that told a story. During the (Flower Power) era I was turned on by the American West Coast  bands then I heard the Dubliners & I haven’t been right since.

Started writing my own songs and tunes in the early 70’s, playing around local folk clubs. Formed the Chartists folk band with other musicians from the Islwyn Folk Club in 1979, recording two albums and gigging throughout the 80’s.

Since playing our last gig in 1990 both Laurence Eddy and myself have played occasionally together before teaming up with Nigel Hodge and forming Lauford.

Reformed a smaller, acoustic version of the Chartists with Geri Thomas and Laurence in 2011 to play a concert for the Newport Chartists Society to mark the 172nd anniversary of the Chartists march on the Westgate hotel in 1839. We are gearing up to perform at several events in 2014 to mark the 175th anniversary.

Also 2014 see’s me recording a solo CD, The Bark & Tree which will be available in the autumn.

My main instruments are – Larrivee DO3 PW Ltd. Edition, Tanglewood TW40 acoustics & Hamer electric guitars.  Ibanez electric bass. Sherwood mandola & mandolin.